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This page is about MarieLianne and the two passions in her life - Wildlife and Photography. Marie thought the best way for you to understand a little about her and what wildlife & photography really means to her, is for it to come from others that have either known her all her life or have somehow come into contact with her through photography and have witnessed at first hand her passion and dedication.

"I didn't pick up a camera one day then suddenly love wildlife, I've ALWAYS loved Animals" MarieLianne

One of the obvious signs of an accomplished photographer is how their images seem to jump out of the page/screen and take you with them headlong on a journey of discovery and wonder

Well the images produced by MarieLianne do this with ease and alarming regularity because within them it becomes obvious that the photographers passion and dedication to her subject shows no bounds which enable her, not to capture just photographs, but those all illusive “Perfect moments in time”

I have had the privilege of being able to work with this amazing photographer and if you had, you would realise why her images are so good.

Her Professionalism, dedication , knowledge and never ending pursuit of better and better images is outstanding but above all that you can see, in fact feel, a tangible spine tingling connection with her subject and It’s an inspiration to behold

I encourage you to share the journey that MarieLiannes images will take you upon I guarantee you will be back for more !

Paul Hancock http://www.paulhancockphotography.co.uk/

As Marie's parents we have obviously known her her whole life and as her mum I can tell you all she has been wild about wildlife, for... oh.. most of her life..!!!
It has always been a dream of hers to become a wildlife photographer and she has always done us proud with what she puts her mind to and what she has achieved over the last few years, she has achieved goals even she thought were tough to get. Marie has been awarded silver and bronze bars from the Guild of Photographers for her images and I do not doubt she will get gold.. Her photos affect you when you look at them they look so real , she challenges the wildlife and I'm sure they pose just for her because they know she is their friend. you will not be disappointed when you look through her work, her fine art images are astounding and look incredible once mounted and framed..!
Valerie & Gerald (Parents)

Wildlife photography is regarded as one of the more challenging forms of photography.
MarieLianne demonstrates an excellent erudite set of skills that In addition to understanding photographic techniques and methods, shows a clear comprehension, respect and compassion for her subjects, be they human or wild life, as a result MarieLianne captures dynamic and highly commended images.
Many animals are difficult to approach and thus a knowledge of the animal's behaviour is needed in order to be able to predict their actions, MarieLianne's good field craft skills and clear understanding of her chosen subject matters environment, enables her to coax the best images out of a variety of difficult environments and conditions, whilst enhancing the focus in any natural setting.
MarieLianne also understands the importance of designing and displaying the images to best convey the message of her photographs.
She also works tirelessly to employ exciting digital techniques enhancing her images in print, choosing the type of surface that best allows images captured to appear lifelike and natural.
I particularly admire Marie's monochrome works of art, however, as they say one of her pictures is worth a thousand words, therefore I urge you to peruse her images and be inspired!....Enjoy!

Emma Spencer-Woodbridge

Anyone interested in hiring Marie or indeed buying her prints, needs only to look at her portfolio to know what a gifted photographer she is. Her eye for framing the subject, maintaining razor sharp focus and capturing the emotion in the scene establish her work as brilliant. But don't take my word for it...go see for yourself..!!
Dawn-Marie Hanrahan U.S.A #1 Best Selling Author, TranSpirational Speaker and Seminar Leader, Powerhouse Speaker http://5starlifequests.com/