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Angel from Above

Angel from Above - Fine Art Bird Prints
Anyone that has ever been to the Farne Islands knows what the weather and seas can be like. For the last few years I’ve hoped to get onto Staple Island and failed. My third year in a row and lady luck must have been on my side, my second day of the trip and an attempt to get onto Staple was go…

The Farnes is one of the best places in the UK to see Puffins, but I wanted to get a closer look at the amazing guillemot, which is overlooked at times I think. I had a few ideas in mind. I walked around the island and watched the birds for a while, getting a feel of how and where they flew in. I noticed how wonderful they looked when just about to land, spreading out those beautiful wings, looking very angelic. So many crammed into one space and as one would try to land I noticed that others were looking up at them. I took a few practice shots, all at different stages of landing. To grab this image I took a wider shot to get in as many Guillemots in from below and cropped for the best composition.
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Winter Owl

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